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No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling.  The Lord will deliver me, He will set me on high because I know His name.  I will call upon Him and He will answer me.  He will be with me in trouble, He will deliver me and honour me with long life, He will satisfy me and show me His salvation. Ps 91:10, 14-16.

This month, I (insert your name) will expand to the right and to the left, Isa 54:3a; Lord bring back my captivity and have mercy on my dwelling place, Jer 30:18a.  The Lord satisfies my mouth with good things, my youth is renewed like the eagle’s, Ps 103:5.  I (insert your name) will take root downwards and bear fruit upwards, Isa 37:31.  

The Lord will do better for me than my beginnings, Ezek 36:11.  I (insert your name) will reap the harvest of my land, Lev 23:22.  In famine, God shall redeem me from death and in warfare from the power of the sword, Job 5:20.  

I will build houses and inhabit, I will plant and eat the fruit of them; I will not build and another inhabit, I will not plant for another to eat, for as the days of a tree are my days and I will enjoy, as God’s elect the work of my hands.  I will not labour in vain, Isa 65:21 – 23.  My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Phil 4:19.  

As from now on, Father turn my mourning to joy; the Lord will comfort me and make me rejoice from my sorrow, Jer 31:13.  The Lord brought me out into a place, Ps 18:19.  My soul shall be satisfied with marrow and fatness, Ps 63:5.  

The Lord God will help me, Isa 50:7.  The Lord will make me lay down in green pastures, Ps 23:2.  The Lord give me the dew of Heaven and of the fatness of the earth, and plenty to eat and drink, Gen 27:28. The Lord make me fruitful and multiply me, Gen 1:28.  May I find grace in the eyes of the Lord like Noah, Gen 6:8.  

I (insert your name) will begin to prosper, I will continue prospering till I become very prosperous like Isaac, Gen 26:13.  I will reap bountifully because I have sown bountifully, 2 Corin 9:6.  Let my light break forth like the morning, let my healing spring forth speedily, let my righteousness go before me and the glory of God be my rear guard, Isa 58:8.  My hope will not be cut off, Prvb 23:18.  

Lord make me alive and bring me up; Lord make me rich and lift me up; Lord raise me up out of the dust and set me among the princes and make me inherit the throne of glory, 1 Sam 2:6-8.  The Lord my God will make me abound in all the work of my hands, in the fruit of my body and in the produced of my land for good, Deut 30:9.

So shall it be in Jesus matchless name.

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    I love the prayer points. A good one!

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