dreaming-FI P1stLThis Christian walk has to be walked with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and to the commandments of God because what we do can have a positive or adverse effect on the people who are close to us, family members, as in the case of Achan.

Joshua chapters 6:17-19 and 7:1-25.             

Achan was amongst the men who had been sent to destroy Jericho.  God has given specific instructions on whom to save, in the person of Rahab and He had also told them to bring the gold and silver to His house for worship.  Very specific instructions indeed, Josh 6:17 & 19.

But Achan decided to disobey God, Josh 7:1 and put the whole nation of Israel into trouble before God.  He stole some gold and silver and kept them in his home.  

Shortly, after the victory at  Jericho, Joshua sent some men to go and battle with the men of Ai, who apparently were few, Josh 7:3.  Unfortunately, thirty six men were killed innocently because of Achan’s disobedience.  They were disgraced and chased out of Ai, it was a national embarrassment, Josh 7:5.   Due to one man’s sin, a whole nation suffered greatly because thirty six men died unnecessarily in battle.

Joshua sought God’s face and he was told to speak to every head of the household and it was there that Achan confessed to his sins, Josh 7:6-20.  As a result, all he owned and his children were all burnt to death with him, Josh 7:24.

This is a BIG lesson for us today, God is not mocked, whatever we sow, we will reap (Gal 6:7).  We have to be careful because we serve a God who is holy, Isa 47:4 and He wants us to obey Him, just as Jesus obeyed His Father unto death.  Jesus asked His Father to make this ‘cup pass him over’, Matt 26:39 but He had a mission to fulfil, a mission to save the whole world from perdition.  Our sins will always catch us out and could affect other people in the process.

From this story, we can see that it could sometimes be us paying for the sins of someone close to us, if we don’t repent.  Whatever we do honourably or dishonourably as Christians, there will be a reward.  Joseph for example forgave his brothers and they were able to live the rest of their lives in Egypt; his noble act of forgiveness affected his family in an advantageous way.  

Achan on the other hand put the lives of innocent people in his country in jeopardy and into trouble because of his act of disobedience.  May we not be Achan in our own land and in other peoples’ lands in Jesus name. Let us continue to walk in the light of God and the spirits of disobedience and sin shall depart in Jesus name.

PRAYER POINTS: Lord, kill every spirit of disobedience in me; Lord let your Spirit of obedience come upon me mightily; Lord help me to hear you clearly when you instruct me in Jesus name.

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