Well I spoke to some of my ‘1st lady’ sisters, I got the impression that they are comfortable to be addressed as such.  I know that some sometimes do not like the title but is this really an issue that I need to address? YES!!!

So our men, get the titles of a Bishop or a Pastor a Deacon but there is no mention in the Bible about the role of women such as: Abigail, David’s sister or Abigail, Nabal’s wife; Dorcas; Elisabeth, mother of John the Baptist; Jael, wife of Heber; Lois, grandmother of Timothy; Mary Magdalene; Phoebe; etc…

These were all women who played important roles in Biblical times and we do not know if they were evangelists; prophetesses, pastors etc… The Bible was silent about the title of these women but they were mentioned and commended for their good works.

We live at a time where everyone wants to be recognized and honoured; I mean there are dog shows like ‘Crufts’ where the best dogs are honoured.

So why not our 1st ladies?

Let us pray: Father make this blog a source of refreshing for everyone who come to read in Jesus name, amen.

God is love

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