EL SHADDAI – The All Sufficient God

Our God is able to give you the desires of your heart and take you to great and greater heights.  Yes, He is the God of more than enough!  He is the All sufficient God.

I want us to look at the story of the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kgs 17:9-16

The prophet Elijah had a need and the widow also had a need; two people who did not know each other but were about to be connected by God Almighty.  God gave the prophet instructions to go and stay with this woman, who only had a little flour  and oil left in a jar, for her and her son to eat and die afterwards because of famine.  But God, plans are not our plans, neither His ways our ways.  

She was not the only widow in Zarephath but she was the one that God chose and wanted to bless. Why? Because I believe He knew she would obey and cook for the prophet.  Can you imagine having just enough for your last meal with your child and a strange man comes over and asks you to cook for Him out of your little.  How would you respond, if you are not in the spirit?  May we not miss our time of visitation in Jesus name, amen.  

This story reminds me of the fact that God does not bless you just for yourself, He blesses you so that you can be a blessing to other people.  Give and it shall be given onto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over Luk 6:38; let this verse be made manifest in our lives in Jesus name, amen.  

By the time you give your little, and God decides to honour you because of your giving, the blessing will and cannot be hidden, it will be visible for all men to see.  When this woman’s flour and oil did not run dry, according to the Word of the prophet in verse 14, do you not think that perhaps her neighbours might have come to her and ask for some flour and oil so that they can feed their families?  I am most certain, that they did.

How about the case of Peter and his work mates toiling and catching no fish all night and Jesus comes along, tells him to cast his net once again and all of a sudden, what he/they caught made their boat to almost sink, that they had to call the other fishermen around to come and take the load of fish off their boat!

Can you see that we serve an All mighty, All sufficient, All encompassing, All knowing GOD!  The one who knows your needs and and who will provide for you.  The Ageless One!  The I Am that I Am!  The One who will not be late but will get to you or send you help right on time.  The El-Shaddai God is His name.  

We are in a season where God might tell you to do something that you don’t understand but nonetheless, do it.  Obey God and it shall be well with you. 

PRAYER POINTS: My God of more than enough perform your wonders in my life.  El-Shaddai, you proved yourself in the life of this widow, Lord do the same for me.  In this month of May, month of grace, bless me spiritually, financially, materially, medically etc… in the name of Jesus

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