I am a woman of God, created by God to do exploits, I shall be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath.  All powers wanting me to be a non achiever in life will be wasted and frustrated in my place.  My enemies will make mistakes that will advance my cause in life.  Any satanic arrow being fired at my tomorrow will backfire and my life will no longer remain the same in Jesus name.  I prophesy to myself that the Lord will make a way for me where there seems to be no way.  I pray that the  windows of Heaven will be opened onto me.  Those who are against me shall come and celebrate with me in Jesus name.  My enemies shall perish after the order of the Egyptian army at the Red sea.

I make this Godly declaration and decree that I will prosper in life and do well.  I am blessed.  I have a sound mind and the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to run the race ahead of me in life.  My loss will bring about victory.  I will overtake powers contending with my purpose in life.  This is my time for a miracle that no man can stop, this is my hour of testimony.  I possess and claim all that is mine in Jesus name.  My promotion in life will be catapulted.  I decree open doors into every area of my life.  The problem I am going through will lead into divine testimonies in Jesus name. Every plan of the enemy over my life shall backfire because I am an overcomer.

My Lord will heal my disease and bind my wounds in Jesus.  Every sickness assigned against my future shall die a very sudden death.  Every Haman spirit contending with my life shall die in my place.

I decree that I will excel in life and do exploits in Jesus name.  I know that prosperity is my divine heritage in life.  The Lord is my Shepherd and therefore I shall not want.  My God is my source and He supplies all my needs.  I will no longer limit myself and failure is no longer my portion in Jesus matchless name.

Prayer point: Father, as I have made the above Godly declaration, let it be so in Jesus name, amen.

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